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Author’s Biography:

Hilary Turner read Modern History at Oxford University and then received a doctorate for a study of town defences in England and Wales. After working for the Victoria County History and then the Oxford Excavation Committee she subsequently became a free-lance historical researcher, editor and translator for companies in Oxford, London, Athens and the Gulf. Fascination with puzzles from the past is reflected in her publications on historical, cartographical and architectural themes, including studies of small towns, a fifteenth century traveller in the Aegean, Christopher Wren’s staircase at Bletchingdon, Oxfordshire. Most recently she has examined the allusions in the tapestry maps woven for Ralph Sheldon around 1590. Her publications are listed in major academic bibliographies.

The present history of Barcheston emerged as a result of her interest in the tapestries called Sheldon, coupled with the realization that much of the history of the village has never been fully explored.

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A Note on the Sources

Little has been published about Barcheston since William Dugdale wrote a brief account in 1656. This web site exists because there is so much material available now which was not accessible to the authors of the Victoria County History, published in 1949. Some of it is in the National Archives at Kew, some is at the Warwickshire record office. Material in print is indicated in the footnotes; the author's transcripts are on the National Archives web site Your Archives.

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